About Us

Sano-Bruno’s Enterprises Ltd. was founded in 1965 by Bruno Landesberg. The Company first went public and was listed on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange in 1982. Sano is Israel’s leading manufacturer of non-food items, including toiletries and hygiene products and it provides cleaning solutions for the household, as well as for the industrial and institutional sectors. The Company further manufactures a range of laundry products and paper goods.  Sano takes pride in being an environmental friendly and innovative enterprise that produces the best products of their kind in Israel.   


The History of the Company

In 1958, Bruno Landesberg established the Southern Marketing Company Ltd. and in 1965, he founded Sano-Bruno’s Enterprises Ltd. Mr. Lansdesberg has been the Company’s chairman since. Over the years the Sano Enterprise has steadily expanded, establishing new production plants for the manufacturing of aerosols, paper goods, hygiene products and a range of cleaning agents and products.

In 1982 Sano went public and its shares have been traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Sano employs nearly 1825 employees.


Business Operations

Sano is one of Israel’s leading manufacturer of non-food consumer items. The Company’s product portfolio includes over 2,000 self-manufactured items, including, toiletries and hygiene products, disposable diapers, incontinence products for adults, household cleaning products, laundry detergents, pesticides and insect repellants and a range of paper products. Sano’s quality assurance management systems comply with ISO 9001:2008 standards, approved by the Standards Institution of Israel.

In addition to its Gold Mark, at the end of 2010, the Company was awarded a Platinum Mark certificate by the Standards Institution of Israel, thus meeting 5 standards and marks as follows: quality management (ISO 9001-2008), occupational safety and health management (OSHAS 18001-2007), environmental management (ISO 14001-2004), as well as a green mark and a standards mark for various products.

Enterprises who are awarded with a Platinum Mark belong to a highly exclusive club comprising ~200 companies, from a total of 10,000 accredited companies.

All Company’s plants operate in compliance with the most stringent CE European Standard, to ensure improved product quality, to protect the environment and to improve the customers’ quality of life.  

Sano invests a great deal of resources into the research and development of new products and into improving existing product lines. For instance, the Company makes great use of automation and robotics technologies, all the while, assuring its products are the most pleasant and convenient to use. Sano is proud to be a global leader of environmental innovation, reducing its packaging and promoting recycling. In 1985, Sano was one of the first companies in the world to stop using Freon gas, known to cause damage to the ozone layer.  

Over the past decade, Sano has enjoyed a steady increase in sales volume and profitability. In 2008, the Company recorded a net profit of 69.9 million NIS, from a total of 1,083.1 million NIS in sales, compared with a net profit of 87.3 million NIS in 2007, from a sales volume of 990.0 million NIS.

Sano’s market value is over $140 million, with an international sales volume of 7% of its total sales.



Sano has production plants in Hod Hasharon, Netanya, Kibbutz Snir and Emek Hefer and it also operates in Eastern Europe. The Company sells its products under the Sano brand, as well as under private brands.

Sano’s subsidiaries are:

The Southern Marketing Company Ltd. – a leading distributor of Sano products and of products of other companies.

Cosmopharm Ltd. – a manufacturer of toiletries and cosmetics.

Sano International Ltd. – markets the Company’s products overseas.

Snir Paper Industries Ltd. – a manufacturer of paper products.

Israpaper Paper Industries Ltd. – a manufacturer of household paper goods.

Sano Professional Ltd. – markets the Company’s products to the institutional sector.

Sano Intertrans Ltd. – engaged in the trade of raw materials and the marketing and sales of goods.

Sano Romania Ltd. – located in Bucharest, Romania.

Sano Baltic – markets Sano products in Latvia and Belarus.

IUTI – markets Sano products in the Ukraine.

Izi trade - markets Sano products in the Bulgaria.


International Activities

Sano employs a highly effective and proficient export department which markets Company products to numerous countries across Europe, North and Central America, Africa and Asia. The products are sold under the Sano brand.

Sano has subsidiaries which operate in Eastern Europe – Sano Romania Ltd., ISU Trade Ukraine and Sano Baltic (Latvia and Belarus), which market, distribute and sell the products.

Sano products are sold in a wide range of leading chain stores across Europe.

Our list of clients includes:

Mr. Bruno Landesberg Owner and Founder

Mr. Bruno Landesberg Owner and Founder