Meet our family

Sano is a family business, and since its establishment by the late Mr. Bruno Landesberg, Sano has treated its employees like family. At Sano, we believe our employees and managers to be true partners to success, that is why we are deliberate about creating and strengthening positive and respectful interpersonal relationships.



Our team is key to our success

At Sano, we attract people who take on new challenges every day, play as a team, take ownership of their career, and work together for a better future.
As a result, our a highly experienced export division, made up of business and marketing professionals who efficiently explore new markets, and build powerful portfolios and strategies to enable our brands to precisely penetrate new and existing markets.



  • Eyal Givati
    Eyal Givati
    Operations Manager
  • Alex Meyklyar
    Alex Meyklyar
    Export Division Director
  • Assaf Sternfeld
    Assaf Sternfeld
    Business Development Manager
  • Hadar Homossany
    Hadar Homossany
    Product Manager
  • Mor Avratz

    Mor Avratz
    Marcom & Digital Manager

  • Keren Dick

    Keren Dick
    Marketing Manager

  • Inbar Shevach
    Inbar Shevach
    Order Fulfillment and PP&C Manager

  • Avivit Driks
    Avivit Driks
    Administration Manager &
    Sales Support
  • Olga Grinshpan
    Olga Grinshpan
    Business Development Manager
  • Miriam Snitkovsky
    Miriam Snitkovsky
    Key Account Manager
  • Osnat Dotan
        Osnat Dotan
     Logistics Manager