50 Years Of Market Leadership


Sano-Bruno’s Enterprises Ltd. was founded in 1965 by Bruno Landesberg. The Company first went public and was listed on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange in 1982. Sano is Israel’s leading manufacturer of non-food items, including toiletries and hygiene products and it provides cleaning solutions for the household, as well as for the industrial and institutional sectors. The Company further manufactures a range of laundry products and paper goods. Sano takes pride in being an environmental friendly and innovative enterprise that produces the best products of their kind in Israel.

Our Factories

Sano has nine nationally deployed production factories in Israel. Each of these factories is the most innovative in its field, operating under strict quality control, while adhering to the most stringent standards. The activities of the factories are subject to our dynamic needs, ensuring optimal availability and flexibility in the supply of products to our customers.


The Sano enterprise has an independent R&D lab that invests numerous resources to improve existing products, as well as to develop new, exclusive and innovative ones.


In 1958, Bruno Landesberg established the Southern Marketing Company Ltd. and in 1965, he founded Sano-Bruno’s Enterprises Ltd. Mr. Lansdesberg has been the Company’s chairman since. Over the years the Sano Enterprise has steadily expanded, establishing new production plants for the manufacturing of aerosols, paper goods, hygiene products and a range of cleaning agents and products. In 1982 Sano went public and its shares have been traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Sano employs nearly 1825 employees.

Our Vision

Sano in Latin means ‘health’. In the forefront of the Sano vision is the consumer’s health, his convenience and his well-being. Sano adapts a wide range of affordable products for every need by researching and understanding the international consumer, along with accustoming the products to local lifestyles and climactic conditions….. Our logo says it best! We do our utmost to troubleshoot problems that consumers might encounter and we strive to develop products of the highest quality and precision, while making them affordable. Our goal is to be a part of every household across the globe, just as we are an inseparable part of everyday life in Israel.


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