Founded as a family business in 1965, Sano has grown into Israel’s leader in providing consumers around the world with high-quality, non-food items. But with leadership and influence come obligation and commitment.
At Sano, we remain deeply rooted in the values upon which the company was established. These include family values, multiculturalism and diversity. These values guide us as we continue into the future, bettering the lives of consumers with innovative products, reducing their environmental impact, nurturing our workforce, and contributing to society in a meaningful way.

Our Consumers
We work hard to meet the diverse needs of consumers with strong brands and the highest quality products that meet consumer needs effectively and efficiently. Through showing our loyalty and concern for consumer needs we create innovative products, though our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life of our consumers.

Our Environment
Manufacturing innovative products creates the unwanted side effect of more waste. At Sano, we maintain strict environmental standards to help reduce the environmental impact of our products. For us, acting environmentally responsible means promoting sustainability, adopting advanced technologies to reduce waste and energy consumption, recycling and reusing resources, and sustainably managing industrial wastewater to prevent marine pollution and preserve biodiversity.

Our Workforce
We are very proud of our committed workforce which is now comprised of 1600 men and women, from all sectors of society. Through promoting family values, multiculturalism and diversity, we continue to promote our vision that creates a respectful workplace, genuine partnerships, and a dynamic and innovative environment that provides our workforce with the ability to grow together and conquer personal and professional goals.

Our Communities
Our long-standing commitment to social responsibility is deeply ingrained in our company culture, through social involvement, providing volunteering opportunities to our employees, and making financial contributions to help strengthen vulnerable populations.As we rapidly move into the future, we will continue to adhere to the deeply entrenched values that have guided Sano since its inception. We look forward to continue our service to our consumers, our workforce and communities, always acting with transparency and setting new and ambitious goals to do better for all.